When to Consume Chicken, Fish & Whey with Ryan Terry

After winning first place in the Men’s Physique division at the Arnold Classic 2017, Ryan told everyone that 70% of the winning formula was diet and nutrition.

While he was in Columbia visiting the Muscle & Strength HQ, we decided to dive a little deeper into his nutritional views.

Today, we bring you Ryan’s favorite protein sources and the time of day he consumes them.

1. Chicken/White Meat

The first protein source Ryan talks about is white meat. Ryan’s favorite foods to eat for the source is chicken, fish, and turkey.

Ryan tends to consume white meats throughout the daytime. The reason being is that white meat sources are high in protein, low in fat, and low in calories.

2. Fatty Proteins/Fish

The second source Ryan talks about is protein sources which contain essential fats. His top picks are salmon, steak, and mackerel.

Ryan limits his fatty proteins to the night time, because they are slow digesting and provide muscle building fuel while he sleeps. Another reason he holds off eating these sources until the night time is because he tends to lower his carb intake at night. The extra fat helps keep him satiated until he wakes up in the morning.

3. BlueLab Whey Protein Concentrate

The final protein source Ryan discusses is USN’s BlueLab whey protein concentrate. This protein is low in carbs and very fast absorbing.

The quick absorption rate makes this protein source the perfect option to consume upon waking in the morning and immediately post workout.

Be sure to stay tuned for more of Ryan Terry!

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