[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat Pre-Workout w/ Fouad Abiad

We recently caught up with Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, at his house in Canada.

While there, we wanted to get his opinion on pre-workout nutrition.

So, about 90 minutes before his workout, he showed us exactly what he likes to eat and why.

Watch the video or read on to learn what this IFBB pro eats before training.

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Fouad Abiad’s Pre-Workout Meal

Pre-workout nutrition is vital to having a good training session. Eat too much and you’ll feel bloated during your workout. Eat too little and you crash during your workout.

Fouad likes to strike a happy medium with his tilapia and sushi rice pre-workout meal. Something that is just light enough to not have to force his body into a heavy digestion mode during his training bout. But also something substantial enough to provide him with enough energy to crush his workout.

To start things off, he dumps about 2 cups of sushi rice into the rice cooker and adds 1 cup of water. After he turns the rice cooker on, he moves onto prepping his tilapia.

Fouad has a friend who actually pre-cooks the tilapia for him and packages it in a plastic that allows him to boil it in water without the plastic seeping into the fish. If you’re not as fortunate to have this option, he suggests single bags of fillets from Costco that are fairly easy to fry up on the stove top.

For a fat source, he sautees the fish afterward in coconut oil. The fats slow down the digestion of the rice just enough to keep him satiated during his workout and prevents him from crashing halfway through training.

For extra flavor, he squeezes lemon juice over the tilapia while it’s sauteeing and then adds Frank’s Red Hot on top of both the fish and the rice.

Fouad’s Pre-Workout Meal: 501 Calories, 48g of Protein, 66g of Carbs, 10g of Fat

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