[Video] Victor Martinez’s Massive Quad Day (Leg Workout)

IFBB Legend and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, joins us again.

This time the bodybuilding veteran is showing how he’s still training his quads at a high level after over 2 decades in the iron game.

His secret? Finding what still works, warming up, and avoiding injuries at all cost.

In this video, Victor takes us through one of his typical quad-focused leg day and explains the reasoning behind his warm ups, exercise selection and range of motion.

Watch the video for all sorts of helpful training tips and give the workout a shot for yourself.

Victor Martinez Quad Workout

*Drop set on final set

Victor starts off his leg workouts with a lengthy warm up. His favorite thing to start with is a 5 minute bike session where he pushes the pedals with his heels. He also avoids excess cardio on leg days, opting to perform it on other days of the week.

Once he finishes biking, he heads over to the leg extension/leg curl combo machine. He likes to start off the lifting portion of his leg workouts by warming up all of the muscles of the leg with a triset that involves leg extensions, curls, and static stretching as needed.

From there, he trains the quads unilaterally to correct any strength imbalances. Victor’s go-to for this is the one legged leg press.

Then, he performs the “must-do” quad exercise, squats. However, he doesn’t take it to depth and stops where his mobility allows him. He’s known many people who have suffered career ending injuries squatting heavy and into the bucket, and he wants to keep doing this.

After that, he revisits the leg press for 5 sets of heavy leg presses. The final set incorporates a drop set to pump up the total volume.

Victor finishes up his quad workout with a hack squat/leg extension superset. For every 2 sets of hack squats he performs 1 set of leg extensions.

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