[Video] Full Day of Eating w/ Chris Bumstead

On this episode of our popular Full Day of Eating YouTube series, IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead shows us a typical day of eating during his offseason.

For his first meal of the day, Chris has protein pancakes. It’s his go-to breakfast and favorite thing to eat in the mornings. The pancakes include 4 whole eggs, 100g of oats, 1 scoop of MHP Maximum Whey protein, 1 scoop of glutamine, 1 half of a banana, a little bit of baking powder and cashew milk. He also tops them with mixed berries.

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Second meal of the day consists of 300g of white rice and 200g of ground turkey topped with soy sauce and 2 packets of Wholly Guacamole.

On the way to the gym, Chris likes to eat an apple. He finds this does enough to give him some extra carbs to fuel his workouts without making him feel bloated or sick during his intense training sessions.

For his fourth meal (aka his post-workout meal), he keeps it basic with fast-digesting foods. This meal consists of 200g of ground turkey and 2 whole sweet potatoes. His condiment of choice for this meal is sugar-free ketchup.

Meal 5 is Chris’ cheat meal, and he’s a huge fan of Subway sandwiches. He also loves variety and opts for 4 half sandwiches all containing different meats and cheeses.

For the final meal of the day, he keeps it simple and flavorful with 200g of lean ground beef, 4 tortillas, lettuce, and salsa in the form of tacos.

Chris’ Daily Macros – 4670 Calories, 327g of Protein, 154g of Fat, 575g of Carbs

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