[Video] Brandon Hendrickson’s Prep Back Workout

Today, we revisit Brandon Hendrickson to see how he trains his back while on prep.

If you follow Brandon, you’ll know, he trains with a high level of volume for nearly every single body part.

When it comes to his back training, it’s no different.

He also utilizes a lot of unique tactics to train the muscles from very specific angles. Each exercise has its purpose in helping him bring a very specific look to the stage.

Watch the video for some more information on the exercise selection and coaching cues on how to execute them properly.

Then, check out the workout table below and give it a shot for yourself the next time you plan on having an intense back workout.

Brandon Hendrickson’s Back Workout

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank Brandon for sharing his time with us and hope you’ll support him by checking out some of his products on his website, bigwavesfitnesstraining.com

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