[Video] 3 Tips for Better Bicep Contractions w/ Sadik Hadzovic

Everyone wants larger biceps.

And one of the key components to building biceps that peak is getting a good contraction at the top of the movement.

So, we asked IFBB Pro and GAT Sport athlete, Sadik Hadzovic, to help us all out.

In this video, Sadik provides his 3 favorite exercises he uses to get the best contraction during his bicep training.

1. Drag Curl

Exercise number 1 is the drag curl. The drag curl gets its name because you drag the barbell up the body slowly.

This curl variation is often neglected. Sadik himself says he doesn’t see many people in the gym doing it.

Grab a moderately light weight, drag the barbell across the body, squeeze at the top, and lower the weight nice and controlled.

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2. Bicep Curl 21s

Next up is bicep curl 21s. Just as the number suggests, it’s 21 total repetitions which includes top range of motion partials, bottom range of motion partials, and full range of motion reps.

Sadik recommends starting the 21s set at the top range of motion. Perform 7 reps. Once completed, go immediately into bottom range of motion partials. Again, perform 7 reps.

Then, do 7 full range reps. At this point, you’ll be pretty gassed. Still, focus on getting a full squeeze on every single repetition.

3. Lying Cable Curls

The last of Sadik’s favorite bicep exercises is the lying cable curl. You’ll need to set up a flat bench press close to a cable machine.

Once in position, focus on keeping your shoulder blades rolled back and your chest up. Lower the weight controlled. Squeeze at the top of the curl.

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