Training 101: 3 Intensity Techniques You Can Use in Your Workout

Want to take your workouts to the next level?

IFBB Pro and Nutrex athlete Anton Antipov has 3 intensity techniques for you to try out.

Each of these intensity techniques are used to add more volume into your workouts.

They can be incorporated into any workout program to put more stress on the targeted muscle groups.

1. Pyramid Sets

The first technique Anton teaches us is a version of a pyramid set called “Running the Rack”.

The way Anton starts off this pyramid set is by grabbing a lighter weight and performing a set of 10. Then, he goes up to a light-medium weight and does another set of 8-10 reps, followed by a set of 8-10 with a medium weight, and finishes up with a heavy weight for 8-10 reps.

After finishing the set with the heaviest weight, Anton finishes the pyramid set by drop setting his way back down the rack.

Anton recommends giving this method a shot if you’re looking to get a massive pump.

2. Supersets

Next up, Anton shows us how to incorporate supersets into our program. In a superset, you train two opposing muscle groups.

The example Anton gives us is an arm day superset where the first exercise you preform is a cable curl. Immediately after finishing a set of cable curls, you’ll go into a set of tricep cable pushdowns with no rest in between the two sets.

3. Giant Sets

The final intensity technique we learned from Anton is the giant set. For giant sets, you will perform 4 exercises for the same muscle group without rest.

You’ll want to perform 10-12 reps per set on each exercise in a giant set.

Anton’s giant set example targets the back. For the first exercise, you’d perform pullups, close grip pull downs, close grip row, and dumbbell rows one right after another. Anton recommends performing 3-4 rounds of giant sets for a given muscle group depending on your endurance.

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