Trainer, Gaspari Athlete & Bikini Pro Marzia Prince Talks To Muscle & Strength

What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with bodybuilding and bikini?

I have always been physically active most of my life from high school sports to taking aerobic classes. It wasn’t till I was 23 years old that I hired my first personal trainer and learned how to lift weights. I was addicted from the get-go. I loved how my stick figure reshaped and transformed me into a shapely woman. I also love looking and feeling strong.

Marzia Prince

Bodybuilding has taught me to be disciplined and to push past my own physical limits. At the time I was in college to become a registered nurse, I end up changing my degree and became a physical fitness specialist. I knew I wanted to help people, but it didn’t click for me until I started training hard, I knew that this was what I was meant to do in life. It felt natural for me.

In the meantime, I got certified in nutrition and became a life coach as well. Helping others achieve their best physical and mental shape has been so rewarding for me. I love my job! After becoming a fitness trainer, I learned more about bodybuilding by reading books and taking more certifications. I decided to compete. In 2007, I entered the Ms Bikini Universe competition and won! This got me started and the rest his history!

Marzia PrinceWhat keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from different sources every day. Sometimes it is a client of mine, it could be a photoshoot or competition, a motivational saying that will speak to me, a beach vacation with the hubby, or my own personal goal.

I have to have some type of motivation to keep me going forward. It also has to come from within oneself to keep going on an everyday basis. It becomes addicting in a good way that it just becomes a habit.

What does your current training and split look like, and what do you like most about it?

My workout change from goal to goal. Right now this is what my training program looks like:

Weekly weight training split

  • Day 1: Back, Chest, Plyos and Step ups
  • Day 2: Abs and Cardio
  • Day 3: Legs (large muscle groups and plyos)
  • Day 4: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders and Cardio
  • Day 5: Legs (little muscle groups)
  • Day 6: Cardio
  • Day 7: REST

Marzia Prince Workout

DAY 1: Back, Chest, Plyos and Step Ups

Higher reps this week to target the little muscle fibers and keep it more cardiovascular. 4 sets – 1st set 15-20 reps (warm up), 2nd set 10-12 reps, 3rd and 4th set 8-10 reps.

Repeat from the top going heavier on weights with each large circuit.

Marzia Prince

DAY 2: Abs and Cardio

4 sets of 25 reps, 4 mile run.

  • 25 bosu ball crunches
  • 25 half bicycles on bosu ball
  • 25 medicine ball crunches (laying in a crunch position, legs in air, medicine ball in hands and reach to your toes)
  • 25 hanging leg raises with legs straight
  • Bicycles (endurance-for as long as you can)
  • Plank (endurance-for as long as you can)

4 mile run.

Marzia PrinceDAY 3: Legs

(Large and small muscle groups combined with cardio). 3 sets of 25 reps. 10-15 minute cardio warm up is essential for legs!

Jump rope or jump in place for one minute.

DAY 4: Biceps, Triceps, Delts and 4 Mile Run

10 minute cardio warm up. 4 sets of 25 reps for both weights and bands.

4 mile run

DAY 5: Legs

(Little muscle groups). 4 sets of 25 reps (You can use ankle weights or cables for more resistance if too easy.)

Lying down on side – (do both sides).

  • Side leg lifts
  • Inner thigh leg lifts
  • Leg circles forward
  • Leg circles backward

On all fours – (keep core tight, do not let hang)

  • Fire hydrant leg lifts (yes, like a dog! LOL)
  • Leg raises
  • Glute squeezes (leg at 90 degrees and squeeze glutes as you push leg up, keep foot flexed, bring leg down again)
  • Fire hydrant/glute squeeze combo (each leg)

Marzia Prince

Laying on back

  • Floor bridges (lay on back, knees up, feet on ground, squeeze butt at top on contraction)
  • One legged leg lift (you are laying on back in floor bridge position, take one leg and lay it flat on floor, lift leg up and bring it back to the floor)

Adductors Machine

Abductors Machine

Day 6: Cardio

Pick 3 different machines and do 20 minutes on each. Hit it hard for each 20 minute machine. Example- step mill, treadmill, elliptical.


Marzia Prince Cardio, Diet and Supplementation

Marzia PrinceHow often do you perform cardio?

I do it a few times a week. I like to get my cardio on in different ways. It could be a cardio kickboxing class, zumba, or HIIT. It is beneficial to the body in so many ways from being a great stress reliever to fat burning. My pet peeve is when fitness/bodybuilding peeps go around bragging on how they never do cardio, I’m sorry but your heart is the most important muscle of the body! It keeps you alive. You have to do some cardio to fully reap the benefits of being fit.

How often do you change your training routine, and do you periodize your training?

I change my training routine depending on my goals. It changes throughout the year.

What does your off-season bulking (eating) plan look like?

First thing in the morning I drink 2 cups of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon to activate the systems in my body and stimulate my liver. I also pop a Spirodex (Gaspari Nutrition’s thermogenic to get going!)

  • Meal 1: Oatmeal with vegan protein powder and fresh berries with ground flaxseed and Gaspari Nutrition’s Anavite multivitamin and a few other vitamins.
  • Meal 2: Berry smoothie, a dash of spirulina, filtered water, coconut oil, and vegan protein powder.
  • Meal 3: Large salad loaded with veggies, ¾ cup black beans, olive oil/vinegar dressing and 1 small sweet potato plain or 1 cup quinoa.
  • Meal 4: ¼ cup hummus and 2 cups raw veggies.
  • Meal 5: My fresh enzyme juice (spinach, romaine, celery, parsley, Fuji apple or pear, carrots, cucumber, kale, ginger) I will take a few spirulina pills with this. (Spirulina has a ton of quality protein)
  • Meal 6: Spaghetti squash with marina sauce and lentils (YUM!) and more fresh veggies.

What are your favorite cheat meals and foods?

I love in Texas so I would have to say Tex-Mex! I love a really great margarita with some chips/salsa!

Marzia Prince

What are some of your best diet, nutrition and supplementation tips for someone who just wants to look good and ripped, but doesn’t want to compete?

Consistency with nutrition and consistency with training. It is not easy to have a top notch physique. It’s a full time job. You have to make the time to prep your food and train. Over time, you will have a great physique. You have to be patient with your body.

What are some of your favorite supplements and why?

My sponsor Gaspari Nutrition has some of the best quality supplements in the industry! Rich Gaspari has been a competitor and understands what a competitor/athlete needs to push your physique to a different level. Some of my favorite staples are:

What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” –Jim Rohn

Fitness is not a look, it is a lifestyle! By me! I say this everyday to my clients.

If someone wants to connect with you, where can you be found?

Do you have any tips for someone who is looking to compete in your sport?

Educate yourself and research! I can’t stress this enough.

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