Top 3 Back Exercises To Build The Perfect V-Taper

Looking for the right exercises to build that coveted v-taper?

A while back, Team MHP athlete Chris Bumstead stopped by the Muscle & Strength HQ to show us his top three exercises he’s personally used to build one of the most aesthetic physiques in modern day bodybuilding.

Exercise 1: Close Grip Lat Pulldown

The first exercise Chris likes to do is the close grip pulldown. However, he adds an unique twist to the lift by pulling the weight all the way down to his hips.

Chris adds this lift to the end of his workouts and performs 4 sets of 12-15 reps.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Pullover

The next exercise Chris talks about is the dumbbell pullover. Some people like to use this movement for chest, but Chris feels that he can really target his lats when doing it.

A huge benefit this lift has is it provides a great stretch in the lats as you take the weight back.

Exercise 3: Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Rounding out Chris’s top 3 v-taper building exercises is the wide grip lat pulldown. This exercise is a staple in any back workout, especially if you want to build width.

To focus on pulling with his back, Chris likes to contract his shoulder blades before pulling his arms. It’s important to do this all in one smooth motion.

Chris performs 5 sets of these with a 10-12 rep range.

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