Team MusclePharm Tearing Up Instagram: 14 Awesome Pics

At MusclePharm we practice what we preach and that holds true for every MusclePharm athlete. This includes everyone from our Co-Founder Cory Gregory to the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger (also see Arnold Schwarzenegger workout) to C.T. Fletcher, NFL stars Colin Kaepernick and Laron Landry and more.

These guys and girls work hard in the gym, on the field and everywhere in between. Check out these 14 Instagram posts that prove it!

Ripped MusclePharm Pres Cory Gregory

Cory Gregory

Might be time to get ripped up again!!! Picture by @aroundthenpc_jm.

Laron Landry getting his sweat on

Laron Landry

Just left doing numbers…the machine will be back in couple of hours…#laroning #mp #ArnoldClassic #meatNpotatoes #teamtakeova.

CT Fletcher welcomes you to the gun show

CT Fletcher

HAVE FUN, BE SAFE, ENJOY FAMILY. AND COME MONDAY, GET’CHA ASS BACK IN THE GYM!!! #CTFLETCHER #ironaddict #themassterplan #isymfs #musclepharm #overtrain.

Jen Selter showing off her FitMiss stack

Jen Selter

yay new @iamfitmiss product delivery!!

Colin Kaepernick gives ’em a reason to follow

Colin Kaepernick

Give em a reason to follow! #DontTalkAboutItBeAboutIt #TTT #ThirstTrapThursday #Miami.

Matt Hathcock throws down @ MP HQ

Matt Hathcock

Throwing down at @musclepharm HQ @reebok @chr1st1anlucero @rayvanhawkins @refactortactical.

Chady Dunmore defines beast mode

Chady Dunmore

Figured I clean up my diet, add HIIT sprints following my workouts and I should be good to go. No counting calories or macros, no measuring food- just knowing what work best for ME. (Shirt is MusclePharm).

Travis Browne fighting gravity and winning

Travis Browne

Bout that time again!! @elevatephw @musclepharm #mpnation #welivethis #getswoleliveswole.

Colin Kaepernick showing off his new ink

Colin Kaepernick

Another pic of the new ink……. Family, inner strength, spiritual growth, and humility.

Jen Selter squats, bro

Jen Selter squats

You’re not gonna get the butt you want by sitting on it!! @squatspo.

MusclePharm Co-Founder Cory Gregory with Laron Landry

Laron Landry and Cory Gregory

Just finished a great interview w/ @MusclepharmPres on MP Podcast.

Ct Fletcher with UFC fighter Clay Guida

CT Fletcher with Clay Guida

ME AND CLAY GUIDA FROM UFC!!! #MUSCLEPHARM #ctfletcher #ironaddict #themassterplan #isymfs.

Cory Gregory with a crazy back pump

Cory Gregory

#tbt when I was shooting a bunch of covers last fall. I looked at my low back one day & was like holy crap!!! #throwbackthursday.

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