Shoulder Workout Tips & Safety Advice From Victor Martinez

MuscleMeds athlete Victor Martinez knows a thing or two about building monstrous delts.

He’s also fallen victim to his fair share of shoulder injuries over the course of his bodybuilding career.

So, today he’s bringing the best advice to not only build massive shoulders, but also remain healthy and injury free.

As Victor says, when it comes to shoulder training there are several different variations you can go with to start your workout.

Most start with presses, but Victor likes to start with lateral raises. He sets up his workouts this way so he can pre exhaust all three heads of his deltoid. By doing so, he also warms up all 3 parts before his workout.

Exercise 1: Side lateral raise

Victor kicks things off with side lateral raises. He makes sure to lead with his elbows when raising the weight.

Keep your chest up and raise the weight up to the height of your shoulder. Perform about 15-20 reps of these.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Front Raise

As already mentioned, Victor likes to combine all 3 deltoid movements into the beginning of his program to thoroughly warm up his shoulders.

The next movement he adds in is the dumbbell front raise.

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Reverse Fly

To wrap up his raise variations, Victor adds in the dumbbell reverse fly movement to hit his rear delts. Make sure to always lead with your elbow.

Exercise 4: Barbell Shoulder Press

After warming up his deltoids with raises, Victor moves onto shoulder presses with a barbell. He always presses the weight in front of his neck as opposed to behind the neck.

Make sure to keep your elbows slightly to the front of your body for a more natural movement that really targets the shoulder.

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