Ryan Terry’s Top 3 Arm Exercises For Size & Pump

Just days after winning first place in the 2017 Arnold Classic, Team USN athlete Ryan Terry dropped by M&S to share a few of his training and nutrition secrets with us.

Today, Ryan talks about arm training.

The following 3 exercises are Ryan’s favorite arm exercises to develop size and create a pump.

Exercise 1: EZ Bar Curl (Close & Wide Grip)

First up, Ryan talks about an easy to implement superset that creates an instant arm pump.

He grabs an EZ bar and cranks out 10 reps with a wide grip followed by 10 reps with a close grip.

Ryan likes to perform 3 working sets of this exercise before moving on to his next lift.

Exercise 2: Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension

The second exercise Ryan discusses is an overhead dumbbell tricep extension.

Instead of performing this exercise on a bench or standing, Ryan prefers doing them seated and leaning up against the preacher curl. He feels that this gives him better back support, eliminating the need to use his core, so he can focus solely on his tricep.

Exercise 3: Incline Alternating Dumbbell Curl/Hammer Curl

The final exercise Ryan shows us is another alternating exercise.

Ryan starts off by performing an incline dumbbell curl rep before performing an incline hammer curl rep. He continues to alternate these exercises by rep throughout his entire set.

Ryan tries to do 6-8 reps of each alteration per set.

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