Part 3: How Ryan Terry Prepares For (And Wins!) A Pro Physique Competition

Team USN athlete Ryan Terry has been on prep for the last 12 weeks while getting ready for the Arnold Classic 2017.

He’s determined more than ever to take home the grand prize.

M&S has followed him along his journey to the big stage.

Catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Part 3 kicks off with Ryan and his coach driving to the airport to begin their trip to Columbus, Ohio. After a few delays, missed flights, and an interesting encounter with an elderly drug smuggler, Ryan arrives in Columbus.

At this point Ryan is taking in meals ever 2-3 hours and going very high carb. The goal is to make sure his muscles appear as full as possible on stage. He weighs in at 197lbs, meaning he’s bigger than years past but still has similar conditioning going into the contest.

On contest day, Ryan makes the first call outs before inevitably taking home the first place trophy!

Congratulations Ryan and thank you for allowing us to follow your prep!

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