Part 1: How Ryan Terry Prepares For a Pro Physique Competition

After an impressive 2016, USN team athlete Ryan Terry is determined to make 2017 his best year yet.

And in this series, he’s going to show you exactly what he’s up to during his prep for the 2017 Arnold Classic.

Currently 8 weeks out from competition, Ryan prepares for his first weigh in with his coach.

But before all of that, Ryan downs a cup of black coffee and heads to the gym for an hour of low intensity fasted cardio fueled by USN Amino Stim.

After cardio, Ryan heads home for a breakfast of oats, flaked almonds, blueberries, and USN Blue Lab Whey Protein. Then it’s off to the gym for Ryan’s weigh in and chest workout.

Ryan likes to give himself 12 weeks for prep. The reasoning behind this decision is 12 weeks gives him plenty of time to experiment with his workout and diet, while also giving him plenty of time to enjoy a couple of cheat meals and down time with family.

The main point of emphasis in Ryan’s offseason this year was to increase his arm size. Improving his arm size was common feedback from judges last year, so Ryan worked hard to build his arms during his 4 months away from competition.

Once his workout is complete, Ryan heads home for his post workout meal which consists of 200 g of chicken breast, 300 g of sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetables. He eats this meal about 1 hour after training.

Ryan’s diet is consistently changing, but always remains very clean. He stays on a pretty high protein, high carb, and low fat diet with his protein intake being 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight. He started on 400 g of carbs and 50 g of fat. The fats are still the same, but he is lessening his carb intake now that he is closer to competition.

Stay tuned for the next part of Ryan’s journey to the Arnold!

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