Flex Lewis – Evolution of Flex – Episode 1

With a nickname that couldn’t be more fitting for a bodybuilder, it surprises fans to learn that ‘Flex’ originated on the rugby pitch instead of the weight room. Flex Lewis was noted for flexibility during his years playing elite level rugby in his native Wales, and this allowed him to avoid any number of tackles.

Rugby also introduced Flex to weight training which he originally visited to increase power movements. One day in the gym, a local bodybuilder named Steve Naylor suggested that his physique had pro bodybuilder potential. After a year of training with him, Flex won the Junior Mr. Wales title at his first competition.

At the event, Flex met IFBB Pro Neil Hill who convinced him to try the Y3T method of training. Neil also helped Flex master the rigors of diet planning and he won the Junior Mr. Britain title just 4 months later. After establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on stage in UK events, Flex headed to the U.S. where he trained at Gold’s Venice and Milos Sarcev’s Kolosseum Gym. As a two-time winner of Mr. Olympia 212, Flex Lewis is recognized as possessing the world’s greatest 212 physique and he looks forward to many more accomplishments as a BSN Athlete.

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