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When it comes to putting on solid muscle mass, proper nutrition is absolutely vital. There’s a huge difference between eating a lot of food and eating a lot of food that’s beneficial for your body.

That’s why we’ve simplified it for you.

Below you’ll find a grocery list that equates to about $100 per week. It’s divided by proteins, fats, and carbs. Noted next to each food item is a suggested amount to buy that will get you through the week.

You’ll also find a sample meal plan that covers 1 day of what you should be eating that you may use as a guideline for the duration of the program.

Cut Like Cutler Nutrition Plan

Cut Like Cutler Grocery List

Protein Amount
Chicken Approx. 7 lbs
Lean Beef (93/7) Approx. 3-4 lbs
Turkey Approx. 3-4 lbs
Eggs Approx. 4 dozen
Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Mahi, Tilapia, etc) Approx. 3 lbs
Filet Mignon (or other lean steak) 3 oz
Greek Yogurt Approx. (1-2) 24 oz containers
Low Fat Cottage Cheese Approx. (1-2) 16 oz containers
Fats Amount
Avocado Approx. 3-4
Unsalted Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, etc) 1 small-medium container
Carbs Amount
White Rice Approx. 10-14 cups
Sweet Potato Approx. 3-4 large
Steel Cut Oats Approx. 7-10 cups
Rice Cakes Approx. 2-3 packages
Ezekiel Bread (Jay is known for eating this!) 1 loaf
Cream of Wheat, Canned Tuna, Liquid Egg Whites, Cream of Rice, White or Red Potatoes, Brown Rice

Cut Like Cutler Sample Meal Plan

Meal 1 Serving Size
Egg Whites 6
Whole Eggs 2
Oatmeal 1 Cup
Meal 2 Serving Size
Chicken 6-8 oz
White Rice 1 Cup
Greens 4-8 oz
Meal 3 Serving Size
Lean Beef 6-8 oz
Sweet Potato 8 oz
Greens 4-8 oz
Meal 4 Serving Size
Turkey 6-8 oz
White Rice 1 Cup
Greens 4-8 oz
Meal 5 Serving Size
Chicken 6-8 oz
Brown Rice 1 Cup
Avocado ½
Meal 6 Serving Size
Whey protein mixed with water 1-2 Scoops

Cut Like Cutler Supplement Guide

In an ideal world, you could get everything you need from diet alone. While supplements aren’t a necessity, you might see better results faster by filling in the gaps left by your diet.

Check out Cutler’s recommendations for supplement timing during the 12 week Cut Like Cutler program.

Daily Supplement Intake

As a general guidline, you can take the following supplements daily:

Morning: Take a good sport multivitamin and EFA supplement (like fish oil) for optimal health and wellness.

Workout Days

On workout days, you can take a pre-workout for a workout boost. Stack it with a BCAA powder for improved muscle recovery and growth.

Within 30 minutes of completing your workout, be sure to take a serving whey protein or mass gainer (depending on calories) mixed with water.

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