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On Day 2 of each week, you’ll train Chest & Abs. Before you begin your workout, check out the Cut Like Cutler exercise videos to learn the proper technique for each lift.

Bench Press

Take a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip and lower the bar to your chest. Be sure to squeeze at the top to develop a big chest.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle out to your side and focus on squeezing your upper chest at the top of the press.

Incline Dumbbell Flys

Build a wide upper chest with incline dumbbell flys. Start with the dumbbells overhead and then reach out for a wide stretch.

Machine Press

The machine press is a great alternative to the standard bench press because you can try different grips. Try it with a neutral grip for a nice, deep stretch through the chest.

Rope Crunch

Kneel down far enough away from the machine to keep constant tension in your abs. Tuck  under and squeeze at the bottom, before letting the weight pull you back up. Rope crunches are great for developing a six pack.

Sit Ups

The gym class staple is back! When done with good, controlled form, sit ups are great for working your abs.

Dumbbell Decline Press

The decline dumbbell press is perfect for developing the lower chest. Be sure to rest the weights on your legs before carefully leaning back into position.

Cable Cross Over

These are prefect for developing the separation in your chest. Feel free to experiment with the angle you stand at until it’s comfortable and you feel it stretching the chest.

Wide Grip Bench Press

The wide grip is best for isolating the chest and adding width. You’ll be taking tension off the triceps and feeling the stretch in your chest more.

Dips (Machine)

Machine dips will hit your triceps and chest. You’ll feel the triceps working as you press down, and then the stretch in your chest on the way up. Be sure to go deep enough to activate the chest muscles.

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