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On Day 3 of each week, you’ll train Back & Calves. Before you begin your workout, check out the Cut Like Cutler exercise videos to learn the proper technique for each lift.

Pull Ups

Try different varieties to hit different body parts. The wide-grip pull up is best for working the back.

Bent Over Rows

Great for all over mass on your back and traps. Lift from the floor and row right towards your bellybutton, careful to not round or hunch your back.


The deadlift is crucial for getting a massive back. Take a shoulder width stance and overhand grip. Keep your head and chest up as you pull.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Support yourself on a bench or hold on to something for maximum stretch through the lats. Pull the weight into your hip.

Seated Row

Try a vertical grip handle attachment for maximum back thickness. Pause and squeeze at the end of the movement before letting the weight pull you back forward for a nice stretch.

Reverse Grip Pulldowns

Get a thick, wide back with lat-blasting reverse grip pulldowns. Focus on the squeeze at the bottom as you touch the bar to your chest.

Straight Arm Pullovers

Target your mid back muscles to improve the look of your back. Pull the bar down and in towards your bellybutton.

Rack Pulls

These will not only help your deadlift, but also give you thickness, size, and strength. Like the deadlift, use a shoulder width grip and keep your head up through the lift.

Lat Pulldowns

Improve your strength, size, and v-taper with this old school lift. Try it as a finisher to improve the detail on your back.

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