Bodybuilding on a Budget: Grocery Shopping on the Road With Chris Bumstead

Recently, Team MHP athlete Chris Bumstead visited the Muscle & Strength HQ.

The first thing he asked us to do when he arrived was to make a quick grocery store run.

We followed along to see how the pro eats while on the road.

The first thing Chris snags is some instant minute rice. Chris prefers basmati rice. He feels he can digest it better than other types of rice.

Next up, Chris picks up some oatmeal. It’s his favorite thing to eat in the morning, mixed with some MHP whey protein.

Another quick and easy protein source Chris likes to pick up is canned tuna. It’s pretty cheap and easy to store. He also grabs some hot sauce to add some flavor to his tuna.

Chris then finds some premade mashed sweet potato and precooked chicken in the refrigerated section. It’s a little more expensive than cooking it yourself, but are still two really good options if you’re eating on the road.

What’re your favorite on-the-go food sources? Drop them in the comments section below!

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