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Lifestyle Prior To Change

I was VERY unhealthy.  In high school I was 195 pounds standing at just under 5’5”, So I was a pretty big kid.  The only sports I played were through a PlayStation.  I pretty much ate nothing but junk food and drank pop like it was water.  I should have watched my diet more, since I am diabetic, but I was young and did not know any better.

Stephen Mott Most Muscular

How did you turn your life around?

My low point definitely was when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  It was just after my 15th birthday, great present huh?!  My depression really kicked in around then as well.  When I was 18, my doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol medication.  I really did not want to follow in the footsteps of heart disease as the rest of the men in my family.  That was my turning point, I did not want to have to be on drugs at such a young age, so I started losing weight and dieting, best decision I have ever made!

What Exercise Plan Did You Use?

When I first started I knew nothing!  All I really knew how to do was curl a barbell and bench press.  I didn’t even know you could work your back.  I spent countless hours on the treadmill, and went from 195 pounds down to a skinny fat 128.  That’s when I began bodybuilding and taking diet seriously, I bought LL Cool J’s book, Platinum Muscle, and the rest is history!

Steven Mott Body TransformationWhat is your current training plan?

After trying every training program out there I fell in love with low volume/HIT training.  I always loved Dorian Yates, I learned a lot from him.   When I am putting on size I like to use DC or DoggCrapp Training, if you do not know what this is, look into it.  The split goes:

*Bodyparts are performed in that order*

The days alternate, training Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

But when I am trying to lose weight, my body cannot recover from the workouts with out the calories.  So I do a 4 day split:

  • Monday: Chest and Biceps
  • Tuesday: Legs and Abs
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
  • Friday: Back and Abs
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: OFF

I stick to basic compound movements, and occasionally an isolation exercise.

I do cardio in the AM, before breakfast.  Usually 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill, walking at an incline.  I occasionally throw in some HIIT post workout.

What Diet Plan Did You Use?

When I started, like I said I had no idea about nutrition.  I just started eating cleaner, eating Healthy Choice meals and similar options.  But I had no idea about calories.

Current sample eating plan

My current diet has been working wonders for me!  Being diabetic eating clean really helps.  I eat the same foods around the same times, everyday.  Some people think I am crazy, but this allows me to keep my blood sugars stable.  Here are the foods that I eat:

  • Carbs: My only carb source is fruits, with the exception of yams.  So I eat bananas, berries, apples, oranges, dates, and raisins.  My body works best with fruits, my sugars are great, I feel healthy, clean and full of energy!
  • Protein: Lean steak, eggs, egg whites, chicken, protein powders, and Lean Beef Aminos.
  • Fats: The fats that are in the meats and eggs that I eat.  Other than that I use a lot of oils such as: olive oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, fish oil.  I also like to snack on nuts.

Steven Mott Massive Natural Bodybuilder

I really just eat when I am hungry.  There is no need to feed that body by the clock.  If your body is not ready for food, why feed it?  So some days, like leg day, I know I will need a lot of nutrients. So I usually end up eating more on that day.  On off days, I obviously do not need as much, so I do not eat as much.

I try to keep my meals either protein/carb or protein/fat.  I cut carbs later in the day, but if my blood sugar gets lower before bed I need to eat some.

What Supplements Do You Use?

Since the beginning I always liked Allmax Nutrition supplements.  Being diabetic, I need to know what I put in my body.  The thing that lead me to Allmax was that they do not have proprietary blends!  I love being able to look at the label and see mg per mg what I am using, and not have to wonder.  Allmax has no reason to hide behind a label.

My current stack is:

I also use a basic multivitamin/mineral.  I like to stick to the basics, I feel a lot of the stuff out there really is not necessary.

What Is Your Life Like Now?

Steve Mott Massive QuadsMy life now is awesome!  I am so healthy now!  My doctor even told me that I am her healthiest patient.  She is shocked at my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, they are better than perfect!  My diabetes is under amazing control as well.  It is such a good feeling knowing that I did this myself!  All by working hard and watching what I eat.

I feel great about myself, I am no longer that depressed fat kid.  I have so much confidence now, and seeing myself changing day by day makes me feel so much better.

Through my transformation, I fell in love with fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition.  I went and got my personal training certification through ISSA.  I love helping people, be it in the gym, online, or people I run into who have questions regarding diabetes and nutrition/exercise.

Advice for others

Be consistent!  Both with diet and your training routine. When I first started I was changing plans every week, it only hinders your progress.  Pick a plan and stick to it!

Remember diet is key!  Get your diet set, and your progress will excel.  There are plenty of diet plans out there, but finding what works best for you, is in my opinion, the best option.  Remember that nothing will taste as good as looking good feels.

Always train hard.  Give it your all, every day!  Stay motivated!

More From Steven Mott

Let nothing get in the way of your dreams.  Diabetes was/is a huge obstacle, but I did not let it stop me.  Overcome what gets in your way, if you truly want something, nothing will ever stop you.

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