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Lifestyle Prior To Change

I was always very active and very into the “fitness lifestyle”, meaning I worked out almost everyday of the week. However, my eating was all wrong and I was pretty much a “Cardio Queen” with some light strength training at the end of my workouts if time allowed.

Julie Michaelson Body TransformationAt the gym, I’ve always been “on the clock”, the childcare clock that is. My oldest child was born in 1996 and I joined Gold’s Gym when I was pregnant with her and took her into their daycare as soon as she was old enough. I always made sure I did my cardio first as I believed it was the most important. Whatever time was left over I would kick around some weights.

I got married in 2002 and my husband and I enjoyed drinking wine (lots of it!) and eating high carb, high fat foods, snacking on chips, cheeses and other junk food in the evenings. When our twins (my 3rd and 4th children) were born in 2006 it became more important to me to get back into shape. A neighbor came over one day, saw our wedding picture and said “You were so skinny then.” It hit me that I’d gotten fat, granted my babies were only 2 months old, but I was far from happy being a size 14. But the comment stuck with me and drove me to better eating habits and harder workouts.

My eating habits still weren’t great. Not enough calories, weekend bingeing and way too much red wine. In 2007 I met a friend at my gym who became my training partner. He encouraged me to cut back on the cardio, increase my weights and eat more food more often. After training together with him for several months people started noticing how much my body was changing and was starting to get asked if I was getting ready to compete. I wasn’t, but the thought had crossed my mind and now the seed had really been planted.

What Was Your Turning Point?

I was in a very unhappy marriage that was killing my self-esteem. It was verbally and emotionally abusive and I was miserable. It’s also hard to admit this, but I was very unhappy being a stay at home mom. I had always worked outside the home, but the birth of my twins forced me to quit working and stay home. Training quickly became an outlet for me. As I began to see my body change and as I began to get stronger physically, I got stronger emotionally and mentally, which encouraged me to continue and push even harder.

I found that preparing myself for competition gave me a strength I didn’t realize I had and the mental and physical discipline I had to practice for competing ultimately lead me to making the biggest life change – ending my marriage and moving on.

What Was Your Exercise Plan

I did a body part training split. I was lifting in the morning with my friend and training partner and then I would return in the evenings to do an hour of cardio.

Julie Michaelson PullupsWhat is your current training approach?

About a year ago I started with my current training split/routine. It works very well for me and has helped me add lean mass to my frame. I went from being “fat”, to being skinny and lean but not much muscle to now having a figure athlete physique with this plan.


  • Sunday: 60 minutes Cardio
  • Monday: LEGS (I love legs!), 45 minutes cardio after
  • Tuesday: Back, 45 minutes cardio
  • Wednesday: Shoulders, 30-60 minutes cardio
  • Thursday: Chest, 45 minutes cardio
  • Friday: Arms, 60 minutes Cardio
  • Saturday: Off or 60 min cardio


  • Sunday: 60 minutes AM cardio, Shoulders, 30 min cardio
  • Monday: 45 minutes AM cardio, Legs (quad dominant), 30 min cardio
  • Tuesday: 45 min AM cardio, Back & Biceps, 30 min cardio
  • Wednesday: 45 min AM cardio, Chest & triceps, 30 min cardio
  • Thursday: 30 min AM cardio, Legs (Hamstring dominant) 30 min cardio
  • Friday: 60 minutes AM cardio, Arms, 30 min cardio
  • Saturday: Off or 60 min cardo

What Was Your Diet Approach?

I am very carb-tolerant and my body works well with a high carb, low fat diet. When I’m trying to drop body fat I find that a 3 day low, 1 day high carb cycle works very well for me. I try to limit my processed foods.

Sample current eating plan

I’m currently in contest prep and here’s a sample of my diet:

What supplements do you use?

What Is Your Life Like Now?

I’m now a single mom of 4 amazing kids – ages 13, 6 and 3 1/2 year old twins. I am a personal trainer for Elite Fitness Training in Bellevue, WA. I’m also a nutrition coach. Being a single mom is very challenging and this last year has been, by far, the most challenging year of my life, but so many good things are happening for me and my kids and I love it. Life is extremely busy – my days start at 3:30am and end at 9:30 – when I’m not working at work, I’m working at home with/for my kids or working out.

Advice For Others

Julie MichaelsonThere’s always time for things that are important to you and being a busy mom is NOT an excuse. I can’t tell you often people tell me they don’t have time to work out and eat right. That’s when I let them know I’m a single mom of 4 who works full time and trains for competition. If I can find the time, anyone can find the time. Sometimes you have to MAKE time. I’ve been seen on the stepmill at 3am at my gym…sure, I’d rather be sleeping, but being fit, this lifestyle is that important to me and I want it “that bad”. That’s my answer when people ask me how I do it…”Simple, I just want it THAT BAD.”

More from Julie Michaelson

I am so grateful to the wonderful people who I have met in the last 18 months as I’ve been on this journey to transform my physique and myself from the inside out. I am so fortunate to have been blessed with some amazing mentors, coaches and friends in the sport of physique competition. They truly have given me the love and support and encouragement I needed to realize my inner strength and my full potential. It is critical to surround yourself with people who support you, inspire you  and push you to drive yourself harder all the time. Keep pushing the limits and setting the bar higher!

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