Body Transformation: Andras Szeri Body Transformation

Lifestyle Prior To Change

Andras Szeri Body TransformationMy lifestyle was very similar. But to be on stage I had to fine-tune my diet and get more serious in the weight room.

What Was Your Low Point Or Turning Point?

A friend convinced me to diet down and see if I had what it takes to get up on stage.

What Was Your Exercise Plan?

Basic bodybuilding workouts. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Sometimes I would change the order depending on what I felt like (or didn’t feel like) working on.

What Is Your Current Training Split And Routine?

Same. I do 5-6 sets of various exercises for each muscle group, including the basics, such as bench press, squats, military press etc., etc.

There are a million workout routines out there. I honestly don’t feel that one is better then the other. They are all good, provided that you do them using proper form with the right amount of weights.

What Was Your Diet Plan?

I used a chart that I made. For each meal I enter the grams of protein/carbs/fat into my chart and at the bottom of the chart the spreadsheet calculates the total calories and the percentage of protein/carbs/fat. As long as I had 80% protein and about 10-20% carbs and fat totaling 2000 calories I could eat whatever I wanted. Of course as you get closer to the show you want the leanest source of protein and the best quality carbs and fat.

What supplements did you use during your transformation?

  1. Protein.
  2. Fish Oil.
  3. Multivitamin.

What Is Your Life Like Now?

Because I do plan on competing again, I try to stay relatively lean during my bulking phase as well. I take training more seriously to reach my ultimate goal of being 200+ pounds on stage at Canadian Nationals one day. As a result I feel healthier and in better shape then most people 15 years younger then me.

Andras Szeri Bodybuilder

Advice For Others

The one thing that my prep for the my first bodybuilding show taught me is this:

Transformations are not made and shows are not won in the gyms. Transformations are made and shows are won in your kitchens.

Anyone can lift weights – more or less – but unless you’re committed to a proper diet (which, I will not lie to you, is a part time job on it’s own) you will not see any major changes in your physique. If you want to grow you need extra and good quality calories. If you want to lose weight you need a calorie deficit of good quality calories. There are no short cuts and quick fixes. Commit to a life style change forever that includes the proper diet and exercise routine.

To accomplish that you need to find something that motivates you. Motivators can be anything. Being unhealthy, feeling/looking old and tired, getting dumped, overcoming injuries or disabilities or anything that makes you want to change your life. Once you find something to motivates you, the rest will just fall into place.

More From Andras Szeri

Andras SzeriI started lifting weights to get stronger for water polo. Water polo is a big man’s game and at 5’9″ I am probably the smallest water polo player in Canada. This is how I eventually got into bodybuilding. The best part about bodybuilding is that it is an age defying sport that people can do until the day they die. Those of you looking for the fountain of youth, look no further. In other sports, like in water polo, for example, I’m considered an older player with my career winding down but in bodybuilding I am still years away from  my peak. I find that very motivating and comforting.

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