Arm Toning Exercises for Women Ft. Amanda Latona

The Muscle & Strength media team recently met up with Team ALLMAX athletes, The Kuclos, at their home in Texas.

In this video, Amanda Latona shows us some of her favorite arm exercises to do at the gym.

These exercises are Amanda’s go-to whenever she does an arm workout.

If you’re looking to tone and shape your arms, give them a try!

1. Tricep Kickback

The first arm toning exercise Amanda describes is the tricep kickback.

The reason Amanda loves tricep kickbacks is the muscle squeeze she feels while she performs them.

2. Cable Bicep Curl

Next up on Amanda’s list of arm exercises is the cable bicep curl.

The main reason Amanda enjoys using these to work her arms is due to the constant tension the cable pulley places on the biceps.

3. Tricep Pressdown

The final exercise Amanda recommends is the tricep pressdown.

Amanda likes to superset the tricep pressdown with cable bicep curls. Each, of course, provides constant tension on their respected body parts while performing the exercise.

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