7 Ft. Genetic Giant Chest Workout w/ Matt Morgan

In this video, we wrap up our series with Redcon1’s Genetic Giant, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, by following along as he performs his typical chest workout.

Matt’s suffered several significant pec tears during his wrestling career. So, his exercise selection reflects that now.

He’s also a very busy man between working, taking care of his family, and serving as the commissioner of his town. So, his workouts are fast paced.

Matt Morgan’s Chest Workout

Matt starts off his chest workout with a superset and combines the machine press with an incline dumbbell fly.

One of the reasons Matt competes in bodybuilding these days is to keep him active. He admits that it’d be very easy for him to stay home and relax on the couch after his long days. But since he competes, he’s motivated to hit the gym every day.

The next exercise in the workout is the cable fly. One of Matt’s biggest tips is to buy a magnet for your phone. Everyone who’s a fan of fitness likes to show off their gains and progress on social media. The phone magnet allows you to slap your camera phone up anywhere in the gym for a solid video or photo.

Matt wraps up his chest workout with the pec dec fly. Since he’s experience a couple of pec tears, Matt has to be mindful of the muscle to make sure it doesn’t tear again. So, if he feels any sort of pressure, he’ll kill the set immediately.

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