30 Minute Women’s Toning Workout With Jenna Webb & Melanie Tillbrook

Pressed for time at the Arnold Classic this year, MuscleTech-sponsored athletes Melanie Tillbrook and Jenna Webb decided to crunch out a quick interval workout that helps keep the full body toned.

Jenna and Melanie kick off the circuit by performing a set of reverse hack squats to work the hamstrings and the glutes, or as Jenna states “for the booty.” Following that, both ladies squat press in order to save time by simultaneously working the upper and lower body at the same time.

After a quick set of alternating curls for the arms, Jenna and Melanie hit the cable station to superset cable pullbacks and cable pulldowns to target the lats. Stability ball pikes are thrown into the circuit in order to work the abs, followed by hyperextensions for the lower back. Ending the circuit, the two MuscleTech athletes target their obliques with a set of side bends.

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