3 Shoulder Exercises You Probably Haven’t Done Before

Earlier this month, Nutrex Athlete Anton Antipov stopped by Columbia to visit the Muscle & Strength HQ.

While he was here, he gave us some of the biggest tips and tricks that have helped him out the most over his IFBB career.

In this video, we discuss building shoulders.

Anton likes to incorporate very unique exercises into his workout program.

Below are some of his favorites, all of which you probably haven’t done before.

Exercise 1: Superman Press

The first exercise Anton shows us utilizes the cable pulley machine.

Anton sets up an incline bench in between the two cable stacks and attaches individual handles to each of them. He grabs the cables, lies with his stomach pressed up against the incline bench, and presses with a rotating hand motion to resemble Superman.

Anton likes to perform this exercise using a 10-12 rep range and moderate weight to target his front delts.

Exercise 2: Shoulder Bombs

Anton’s second exercise is called “shoulder bombs”.

These are performed on a seated bench and will utilize a couple of light dumbbells. Using your delts, you’re going to somewhat curl the weight up over your head, squeezing the delts at the top but not touching the weights, before returning slowly to the starting position.

The important things to remember with this exercise is to keep your elbows slightly bent and to the sides of your body.

Exercise 3: Front Shoulder Press

The final exercise Anton covers is the front shoulder press on an incline hammer strength chest machine.

This exercise can be performed either overhand or underhand and targets the front delt. Anton likes to do both for half of the reps of each set.

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