15 Min Quick Ab Circuit for Shredded 6 Pack Abs w/ Gerardo Gabriel

In this video, we asked team Nutrex athlete Gerardo Gabriel to shed some light on how he built and maintains his shredded 6 pack.

So, he shared his 15 minute ab circuit workout with us.

This is the same circuit he used to build his 6 pack for the Orlando Europa.

Give it a shot for yourself and shape up your midsection!

Gerardo Gabriel’s 15 Min Ab Circuit

*Perform all one right after another then take a 1:30-2 Min break in between rounds. Perform 4 rounds.

The first exercise you’ll do in the circuit is the decline crunch. The key to this exercise is keeping your back straight and chest out. Too many people sacrifice form on this exercise to get in more reps. But, you end up not targeting your abdominals when you do so – and even put strain on your low back.

The second exercise in this circuit is the cable crunch. Instead of performing these with a rope, Gerardo likes to do these with a V-bar. This is a great exercise to keep constant tension on the abdominals.

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Third in the circuit is the hanging leg raise. When performing these, Gerardo likes to add an extra little crunch at the top of the movement by bending the legs slightly. You can perform them this way or by keeping your legs straight.

The final exercise in this quick ab circuit is the medicine ball twist. When doing this exercise, don’t bounce the ball. Just let it touch, pick it up, and move it to the next side.

Give this circuit a try and let us know how you like it in the comments section below!

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